A few words of what was happening and a perfect explanation of the events of the past.

 A very Long time ago at the times of Lemuria (Atlantians are the sun people who were permitted to stay on this Planet/ego/commanding/desire for control, Lemurian race was the Planetary race/Angelics in touch with themselves, higher guidance, balance and harmony – this is what we all are returning to now).

  A word of advice: Many at this time asking for Archangels to help them and guide them in those trying times. Please connect to the Planet representing this Archangel Archetype first (while doing this keep you heart pure of any human desire and you mind steel and empty) and see if it worth it to connect to this Planet at this time (not all are positive), many are going through their personal Ascension, there are a lot of things that are taking place at this time.

 Just a few important topics:

ALWAYS PLEASE DO ASK YOUR HIGHER SELF FOR GUADANCE (ask it to help you to awaken; all of the humanity was put to sleep by the occult).

 A misuse of energy took place due to a desire to control thus lead to flood, Lemurians new about what is to take Place and told Atlantians on a number of the occasions that controlling will cause only problems for everybody. Human Body representing this Planet was living with the Lemurians, this person was escorted on a Space sheep to live this Place and return at the later time, for this person wanted to understand what had lead to this (human ego/ primary energy of the Planet Uranus/the one you call god).

By the way the one you refer to as Gabrielle is a Lillith / the Dark Moon.

Sun was playing a god on this Planet inviting others in his games this created a lot of conflict and negativity, the person representing this Planet was also living (everything is energy it was just recreated by this planet) but had no connection to the Planet, now this connection was reestablished for all of the humanity, they can connect now to their Planets as well.

 Sun with others planetary bodies wanted to control this planet plus a pleiadien sisterhood (9 sisters). This is what it was, this planet was a sun play ground along with many others – this created a lot of negativity and conflict. Think about in terms as some failed company owner come to rule a well to do company inviting all of this failed friends along for the road – this is what was taking the place. Now all of this is being cleared off layer by layer. With that a lot of information which was new a day before will not be relevant today (a good sign stating that this veil of forgetfulness was removed) absolutely nothing to worry about just concentrate on clearing you own energetic fields and try your best to stay in balance. This is the most important thing at this time – everything else is secondary.

 In a reality we stopped at one step away from the complete distraction, I hope you are starting to understand how much negativity we all are exposed to and need to clear off.

This is what is truly important at this time.

As for a modern religions unfortunately they all have being corrupt (hopefully it will change to benefit people, I do not know) so the best thing is to listen to yourself not a spiritual guru or run to the occult and stay away from the personal ego (absolute worst).

This is what is happening at this time for everybody no exceptions.

 Steps to Ascension are the same:

  1. Surrender of a personal ego/living negativity & occult behind
  2. Clearing off of the Aura
  3. Respecting the laws of creation