What all of the humanity is going through at this time is called a jugment day/ascension. It is not a one day affair. What it is in a reality? Humanity have being living on this Planet for a very long time and we did not live how it was intended to be, naturally we all accumulated a lot of karmic debt. This is what is taking the place at this time – every individual has to clear up his/her own personal karmic debt and come out clean. It is a spiritual process, yet many do try to take advantage of this via controlling, manipulating, using an occult.

In a reality they are just stopping people from their spiritual cleansing accumulating more of the karmic debt for themselves.

As far as different controlling theories goes – the truth is simple, there is one planet and we all live on this planet, it is not a matter of who is going to control it, it does not work this way. Learn how to respect and appreciate it – because this is what created all the karma on a first place – disrespect, occult desire to control. This is what had lead to today’s world conditions – nothing else. It is not about any single individual but us a group which has to grow up.