Today’s set of morality is very low due to the exposure (purposeful) of humanity to a very low moral set via TV, press et., thus got excepted as a norm first, then got manifested into an everyday life. We do live under a law of karma so all negatives being projected outward have being returned back to the individual.

This kind of density attracts occult as a rule for everything is a vibration/energy.

Many do wish an occult on another after being exposed to the occult; it will not help, but will attract more of the same.

How to know that we have being exposed to the spells, controlling and other ill wishing?

A sadden urge, not a heart felt desire, this is why it is important at this time to listen to your Higher Guidance/Self for Guidance. As for people who are with an occult, there is ONLY one sin that is unforgivable and it is purposefully wishing ill will upon another/occult. For this ANY person will have to earn his/her way back, just ask you Higher Self for Guidance, you can try to confess this sin but you will hear only the silence, ask how you could earn your way back to Grace.

At this time occult has thrown a book at normal people, nothing to worry about.

Just say; “I’m braking all the curses, spells and other ill wishing upon myself so they have no effect on my me, my life, my home, my world, or my affers. I’m asking a Blue Flame of Truth to consume this illusion completely so I’m free of this illusion.” Do the same for your loves ones or just ask Angels to cleanse you from all the occult. At this time it is a good idea to do this daily.

Please share this with other people as well, so everybody is on the same page.