A few word of explanation behind an occult and how does it work in a reality.

Who is being subjected to a full control of a “spirit” or any other deity form? Would you dare not to do what you have being told to do. That should explain the fact who is the slave, as for sexual staff that have been covered and called anything but what it is – after being subjected to it usually no person lives a happy marriage life and stays single.

What is it happening – this is how you called spirits or dieties protect themselves and letting person know that they have crossed the line,verses true spirituality, were when a person is in need they are just simply ask.

Being humble verses an ego and desire to control in the occult.

As for religion it ment to be a good thing but humanity has being living under the control of the dark for so long even the religion have being corrupt and manipulated, people who had done this knew what they have being doing and did it on purpose to control. Your so-called “god” has an annunaki origins (not wanted there any longer).

This is why it is always good to listen to your heart and intuition and trust it, once the energy level will arise the same information will be available to anybody as well.